Distance Education Advisory Committee


Mission and Purpose

DEAC defines a common vision for distance education at the College.  It establishes goals and charts the coordinated implementation of distance learning across the campus.  In addition, DEAC positions the College to respond most effectively and efficiently to growth in demand and to the rapidly changing technological opportunities within the field of e-learning.  Among DEAC’s goals are to:

    • increase student success and retention
    • establish a comprehensive program for student learning outcome assessment (SLOA) in distance education (DE) courses
    • increase student access
    • establish a permanent DE Director and Instructional Technology Center
    • increase faculty training in DE methods, technologies, and assessment practices
    • increase student support and training for application to DE classes
    • ensure and maintain the academic rigor of the DE curriculum
    • ensure and maintain academic integrity

2021-2025 Strategic Goals

    • Strategic Goal #1: Propose and support the development and implementation of a robust distance education office that supports students, faculty, and staff with keeping current in online teaching and learning best practices
    • Strategic Goal #2: Support increased successful completion of online courses and reduce student achievement gaps
    • Strategic Goal #3: Engage in continued research and explore current, new or improved technologies that support diverse student needs and assist instructors in creating courses while maintaining accessibility standards



Chair: Darnell Kemp, Distance Education Director

Associated Student Representative: Kennedy Devries

Resource Member: Cory Thomas, Alternate Media Specialist

Voting Members:

    • Brian Roach, Business/CIS (2020-22)
    • Jessica Acala, Counseling (2020-22)
    • Megan Debin, Fine Arts (2021-2023)
    • Line Callahan, Humanities (2020-22)
    • Lugene Rosen, Library (2021-23)
    • Robert Diaz, Math/CS (2021-23)
    • Michelle Loy, Natural Science (2020-22)
    • Garrett Campbell, Physical Education (2021-23)
    • Tracy Guild, Social Science (2021-23)
    • Alan Ray, Technology and Engineering (2021-23)
    • Marcus Wilson, at-large (2021-23)
    • Kendrick Kim, at large (2021-23)
    • Richard Ghibdella, at large (2021-23)

Meeting information

Schedule – fourth Tuesday of each month from 2 – 4 p.m. currently on Zoom