Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: I added a class today, why is it not showing up on Canvas?

It can take up to 24 hours for a course added in MyGateway to show up on your Canvas Dashboard.

Q: Why is my Canvas dashboard grayed out and flashing when I log in?

A: This can happen for a few reasons. Your browser might need to be updated, your cache may need to be cleared, or the network may be congested. Best quick fix, use a different browser. If you are using Safari, try Google Chrome. If you are using Google Chrome, try Internet Explorer. You an also try clearing your cache which is your deleted computer memory.

Here are detailed instructions on how to clear your cache:

Instructions for a PC

Instructions for a MAC

Q: Why are all my classes or some of my classes not showing up on my Canvas dashboard?

A: First, go to Courses in the Global Navigation. At the bottom, you will see All Courses. Click All Courses. Check to see if the course is listed, and if it is, click the star. All starred courses will appear on your dashboard. If you are a student, it is possible your instructor is not using Canvas as a supplement to the class or has not yet published his or her course. Check with your instructor.

If you have missing classes that do not show on your Canvas dashboard or as unpublished when you view Courses/All Course, submit this Help Form.

Q: I have classes at Cypress and Fullerton, do I need to log in to a different Canvas site for the classes on each campus?

A: Yes! Fullerton, Cypress, and NOCE all have different Canvas sites, and you will only find your classes for Fullerton College on the Fullerton College Instructure site.