Captioning Options

All videos posted in your Canvas courses must be captioned. Please review the following scenarios for captioning options available to faculty.

Scenario 1: I create my own instructional videos and host them on YouTube

Solution: YouTube Caption Editor

Watch this short video to learn how to edit YouTube’s automatic captions.

Note: YouTube has a new YouTube Studio interface. Many of the features you will need are missing. Save yourself a headache and switch back to Creator Studio Classic!

  1. Go to YouTube Studio and sign into your account
  2. In the bottom left menu, click Creator Studio Classic

Print out this “cheatsheet” to keep at your desk for reference.

Scenario 2: I create my own instructional videos, but do not want to use YouTube

Solution: 3C Media

3C Media Benefits:

  • FREE video storage for faculty, staff, and administrators of the CA Community College system
  • Share videos privately or publicly
  • Request captioning in a few simple steps

Create an account and request the ability to upload videos.

Watch this video to learn how to register for a 3C Media account.

Watch this video to learn how to upload videos to your 3C Media account.

Watch this video to learn about the 3C Media Canvas LTI.


Scenario 3: I use third-party YouTube videos that have auto-generated captions

Solution: Copy/Paste the Captions from YouTube

Even if you do not own the YouTube video, you can access the captions/transcript, which you can then put into a text file to work with in another captioning tool. Watch this video to learn how.

Once you have downloaded the caption/transcript file from YouTube, use Amara to add the captions to the video.

Scenario 4: I use third-party YouTube videos that do not have automatic captions

Solution: Amara

Create a free account with Amara and use their editor to caption third-party videos from YouTube and/or Vimeo. Watch the video below to learn more about Amara’s captioning interface.

Live Captioning in Zoom

Fullerton College Distance Education can provide live captioning for Zoom sessions and/or webinars through

One Week in Advance:

  • Email and to request live captioning. Please provide the following information:
    1. Course name & CRN
    2. Student name
    3. Dates, times, Zoom URL and Zoom password for each scheduled session.
  • Cory Thomas or Heather Skratulia will schedule your live caption sessions in Verbit and send you instructions on how to set up the captioning within your Zoom session.