Online Teaching Certification

Fullerton College has five different options for faculty to receive online teaching certification. All options have been approved by the Distance Education Advisory Committee.

Option 1: Online Teaching Certificate Training Equivalency

If you wish to submit materials that demonstrate completing an Online Teaching Certificate from another college or educational organization, download and fill out this OTEC form. Directions for submission are on the form.

Option 2: FC Online Teaching Certificate

The Fullerton College Online Teaching Certificate builds faculty capacity to use Canvas—the Fullerton College Learning Management System (LMS)–according to the key guiding principles of online pedagogy and also includes training in regular and effective contact and accessibility. This training is offered each summer. Look for information from Staff Development in March of each year. 


Option 3: Online Learning Consortium Course Path*

Enroll in the two approved courses: Fundamentals: Increasing Interaction & Engagement and Designing with Accessibility in Mind. Find available trainings on the OLC Institute Schedule page. Refer to the FC Online Learning Consortium Institutional Membership page for additional information. Faculty can be reimbursed for these courses. Contact Staff Development for more information.

*Currently Unavailable

Option 4: @ONE Course Path

Enroll in the two approved courses: 10-10-10 Communication that Matters & Creating Accessible Course Content. Faculty can be reimbursed for these courses. Contact Staff Development for more information.

Option 5: ACTE CTE Course Path

CTE Faculty Only! Offerings certified by the Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE) were researched to select courses that cover all requirements for the Fullerton College Online Teaching Certificate Equivalency. Required courses: EL 103 – Teaching Online: A Student-Centered Approach; EL 111 – Assistive Technologies for the Online Learner; EL 113 – Active Learning in an Online Environment; EL 201 – Online Communication: Engaging & Retaining Online Learners. Contact Staff Development for sign-up information.


After obtaining initial online teaching certification through one of the options listed above, faculty must do the following every three years to remain certified:

  • Three hours of professional development focused on online teaching for every three years.
  • Professional development options can include:
    • Fullerton College-sponsored professional development
    • @One course(s)
    • Third-party professional development that may be approved on a case-by-case basis by the DE Director and DEDR

Faculty will be notified when it is time to recertify and will be added to the OTC Recertification Canvas shell in order to complete recertification.