Quick Guide: Using Video Embed Code in Canvas

The Rich Content Editor in Canvas makes it easier than ever to embed YouTube videos. Follow the simple steps below to embed your videos into your Canvas Pages without touching the HTML. Step 2 will also work with video embed code from other sites such as Vimeo, Ted Talks, etc.

Download and print a copy of this Quick Guide to keep at your desk for reference as you are building your courses.

Step 1: Locate the embed code in YouTube

Click the Share button on the bottom right of the screen:

YouTube screen with share button

Click Embed and copy the Embed code:

YouTube embed code

Step 2: Paste the Embed Code into Canvas using the Rich Content Editor

Open the Rich Content Editor on the Canvas Page you are working on and click the Insert/edit media button shown below.

Canvas Rich Content Editor toolbar

Click Embed, paste the embed code you copied from YouTube, and click OK.

Canvas Rich Content Editor insert/edit media


Your video is now displayed in Canvas and you never had to mess with the HTML!