Adding SI Leaders, Tutors, and Observers to Canvas

If you need to add someone to your course as a tutor, you can add those people yourself by clicking on +People under the People section of a course.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Go to the course and click People
  2. Click +People
  3. Select the bubble for add by SIS id (Banner I.D.)
  4. Enter the Banner I.D.
  5. Choose a role for the person from the drop-down menu. For instructors adding an embedded tutor for Hornets Tutoring, please choose the role “Embedded Tutor.”  All others should be put in as Observers.
  6. Press Next
  7. The person’s name should appear. If so, press next, and an invitation to accept the course will appear on the invited person’s Canvas dashboard.

If the person’s name does not appear, that means he or she does not have an account in Canvas. To have the account created, please email the tutor’s name, email address, and Banner I.D. and CRN for the course to

An account will be created, and the tutor will be added to the course.