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Blackboard Log In - MyGateway:
user name: 8-digit Banner student I.D. (e.g., 00001234).
    password:  MyGateway/WebStar password    

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    user name: 8-digit Banner student I.D., preceded with "@" sign (e.g., @00001234)
                                     If "@" sign omitted, page may read:
                           "Not Enrolled in Any Courses"  -  "Invalid Credentials"

    password: MyGateway/WebStar password
                     Blackboard direct log in page reads only the first six characters.

                     (If password has more than six, key in only the first six).

Netiquette Guide

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Note:  As cited in BP5500,  "A student who violates the standards of student conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, the removal, suspension or expulsion of the student." You are in violation of the Standards of Student Conduct and Discipline Policy any time you allow someone else to log in and/or complete your coursework on your behalf. To view the Standards of Student Conduct and Discipline Policy, click here.



Distance Education (technology enhanced instruction) incorporates technologies such as the Internet to deliver instruction to students.  

Hybrid courses combi
ne some percentage of class time online and some class time on campus.
Online courses are offered entirely or primarily online.  Some instructors may require attendance on campus for an orientation and/or testing.
Telewebs combine video broadcasts, online technologies, and some campus attendance.

Campus computer labs
are available for registered students unable to access from personal computers and/or mobile devices.  For more information, see the FAQ's and the Schedule of Classes.