Instructional Continuity

Instructional continuity refers to the campus effort to continue course work during possible disruptions due to weather, illness, or other factors. Strategies for maintaining Instructional Continuity include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Making plans for communicating with students
  • Considering possible adjustments to assignments
  • Implementing technologies such as online audio and video collaboration, lecture capture, or discussion boards


In response to the outbreak of a new strain of Coronavirus, Fullerton College is working to ensure the health and safety of our campus community.

Announcement from Student Health Services.

Memo from the President

Faculty can prepare to teach their courses remotely via Canvas in the event of a disruption by reviewing the tools and strategies outlined in the table below. If you need support with any of these tools or strategies, contact your distance education division representative.

Students who feel scared or vulnerable in the event of a crisis may value the opportunity to process the crisis as part of a community, so consider adjusting course plans to include opportunities for discussion and reflections.


There are a number of steps that faculty can take to prepare themselves and their students for possible educational interruptions. This list is meant to address issues that may arise in the event of a campus closure and/or widespread absences.

Issue to Consider Recommendations
Establishing a mode of communication Canvas or Email
Making the syllabus available digitally Canvas
Distributing course documents and readings Canvas
Submission of student work Canvas
Class discussion Canvas or Zoom
Capturing lecture content for students to view remotely Zoom, Screencast-o-matic, or PowerPoint Lecture
Virtual office hours Zoom or Canvas Conferences
Assessing student learning Canvas Quizzes
Providing students with grades and feedback Canvas Gradebook

Step by Step

For more details:

Follow the step by step guide to preparing a remote teaching lesson for a face to face class.

Join the Rapid Remote Teaching course on Canvas for detailed tutorials.

Join the Quick Start Canvas Course to get building right away.