Canvas LMS

On April 27, 2017, the Fullerton College Faculty Senate voted to adopt Canvas permanently as the campus learning management system (LMS). Click here to learn more about the Online Education Initiative. 

Accessing Canvas Course Shells

Canvas course shells will be automatically generated for all courses on campus going forward. All courses means every course, including face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses. All instructors (not just those who teach online) will automatically have course shells in any given semester that they are teaching. As courses are added to the schedule, the Canvas system will update.

Instructors do not have to ask to use Canvas. Once you are in the FC Canvas system, you should always have access to it, even in semesters when you may not have courses.  You can also create new course shells to use as sandboxes or for department or other group use. 


  1.  Fullerton College website Canvas link on the left-hand, pull-out menu.
  2. Go directly to the secure login page at:
  3. Login to MyGateway. Go to the Fullerton section and scroll down to the Distance Education box. Click on Canvas at Fullerton College.                                                                                                              At all three of these locations, login using your MyGateway user name (with no @ sign in front of it) and password.                            If you need to reset your MyGateway password, do it only once and wait for the system to sync up. If you reset it multiple times, the system will get gridlocked. For help with MyGateway, call the District Information Services Help Desk: 714-808-4849.

Copying Course Content

You can easily copy Blackboard courses and Canvas courses alike into new Canvas course shells. If you taught courses in Fall 2017, you are already in the FC Canvas system. Even if you did not use the system before, you are in the already system automatically.  

You can make your own sandbox shells by clicking on “Start a New Course.” Any courses that you create on your own will not have a roster, but you can work in them as much as you like, and then copy them over to the real course shells when they are ready. Or, if you create a course to use for a department or program group, you can easily invite users by email under People.

Click here for Instructions for Copying Canvas Courses

Click here for Exporting-Importing Blackboard Courses

Canvas Help Line

Canvas provides a 24/7 helpline to faculty and students.

Phone: 844-600-4948

or click on the Help/? icon on the Canvas dashboard to chat or send an email.

Canvas Training

Look on the District-wide Staff Development Calendar (MyGateway, Calendars) to sign up for training. Note: If there is nothing on the calendar–never fear! Check back again, and there will be. 

Blackboard Phased out on May 30, 2018

The Blackboard system at Fullerton College will operate the same way until it is phased out on May 30, 2018. This means that online and hybrid courses will automatically be generated, but face-to-face courses will be coded by division admins upon request. 

Online Training Resources in Canvas

If instructors wish to make an appointment for one-on-one coaching, see the Contact Us page of this website.

Adding SI Leaders, Teaching Assistants, and Observers to Canvas

If you need to add someone to your course as a TA, SI leader, intern, hourlies, or observers, you can add those people yourself by clicking on +People under the People section of a course. Choose a role for them. 

Invite  them by email.  They will have to respond to the email invitation, and accept the invitation to the course.

Those who already exist in the system just need to respond to the invitation to join that course. They can already login to Canvas at with their MyGateway username and password.

Those who are not in the system will be invited to create a user account, and then they will login using those credentials (user name and password that they create) at Note that this is a different login page than the one listed above.

Click here for more information about the transition from Blackboard to Canvas.