How do I get a Blackboard account?

For Students

You will only have access to Blackboard if the course you are taking is using Blackboard. You must ask your instructor if your course is using Blackboard. If your course is using Blackboard, you will be automatically enrolled in the course.

To log in, go to

Username: Use your student Banner i.d. number WITH the @ sign in front of the number.

Password: Use your 6-digit birth date.

Things to be aware of–

Your instructor may have only recently asked for Blackboard to be activated for the course you are taking. He or she may not have made it visible yet. The instructor must make the course visible in order for students to see the Blackboard account. Also, if you registered for the course within the past 24 hours, you may not be in the system yet. You could also not be in the system if you have not paid your tuition for the semester yet, or if you are dropped from a course, you will be removed from that Blackboard course. If you are reinstated, you may have to be re-added to Blackboard by the academic division that your course is in–ask your instructor for information about this.

For Instructors

At this time at Fullerton College, you do not automatically get Blackboard sites for your courses. You must ask your division to make Blackboard course shells for you. Distance Education does not make them. Once your division makes your Blackboard course shells, the division must activate those course shells. It could take up to 24 hours for the accounts to show up. If the courses haven’t shown up in 24 hours, double check with your division.

Be aware that the course shells for the next semester are not made until about half way through the current semester. Your Blackboard shells will not be ready until about 6 weeks before the semester begins. You will be notified through campus email when the course shells have been generated for the upcoming semester.

To log in, go to

Username: Use your employee Banner i.d. number WITH the @ sign in front of the number.

Password: Use your 6-digit birth date.

You must make courses visible in order to for students to see the course. You have control over when the course is turned on in the beginning of the semester, and turned off at the end.

To make your course available:

Control panel>customization>properties>set availability>choose “yes.”

To make your course unavailable:

Control panel>customization>properties>set availability>choose “no.”