Students, want to make sure you are ready for online learning? These online readiness modules will make sure you are ready.

Modules 1, and 3-9 have a badge available. Module 2 will give you detailed results about your online readiness.

Effective Online LearnerModule 1 Becoming an Effective Online Learner (All Students)

  • learn how to organize your space, your course materials and yourself
  • learn tips and tricks for time management
  • learn the importance of setting up a schedule that works for you
  • learn the perils of procrastination
  • learn how to communicate effectively online (asychronously and synchronously)
  • learn the difference between reading print and online texts
  • learn strategies to stay focused when reading (and studying) online

Module 2– Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses (New Students take SmarterMeasure) 

SmarterMeasure Sub-tests

  • Life Factors (Time, Place, Reason, Resources, Skills)
  • Individual Attributes (Academic Attributes, Help Seeking, Persistence, Procrastination, Time Management, Locus of Control)
  • Learning Styles (Solitary, Logical, Social, Verbal, Aural, Visual, Physical)
  • Online Reading Rate and Recall
  • Technical Competency (Computer and Internet Competency)
  • Technical Knowledge (Technology Usage, Technology in your Life, Technology Vocabulary)
  • Typing Speed and Accuracy

Intro to Online Learning BadgeModule 3 – Introduction to Online Learning (New Students)

  • learn the differences between online and classroom instruction
  • learn myths and realities of online learning



Getting Tech Ready BadgeModule 4 – Getting Tech Ready (New Students)

  • learn the hardware and software requirements of most online courses
  • learn the value of a fast Internet connection
  • learn how to locate and download the free plug-ins your course may require
  • learn the basics of email
  • learn how to obtain tech support if you need it


Career Planning Badge


Module 5 – Career Planning (All Students)

  • learn the basic components of making a career decision
  • learn how college majors and career are related to one another
  • learn how occupational information is organized
  • learn how career counselors can help you make decisions


Educational Planning BadgeModule 6 – Educational Planning (All Students)

  • learn the importance of making a preliminary and then a comprehensive educational plan
  • learn how effective education plans are driven by college major and transfer school requirements
  • learn how to figure out if your course selection prepares you to complete your community college requirements as well as prepare you to finish your transfer college major in a timely fashion
  • learn how to prepare so you get the most out of your meetings with your academic adviser/counselor


Instructional Support BadgeModule 7 – Instructional Support (All Students)

  • learn student success basics: time on task, scheduling study time, and the benefit of studying with others
  • learn how to access online tutoring and basic skills support
  • learn how to access online instructional support services


Personal Support BadgeModule 8 – Personal Support (All Students)

  • learn how personal issues can create barriers to academic success
  • learn how issues such as test anxiety, relationship issues, substance abuse, and stress can affect college students
  • learn where and how to find support for these concerns


Financial Planning BadgeModule 9 Financial Support (All Students)

  • learn ways of paying for college
  • learn about managing money while in college
  • learn financial aid basics
  • learn how to find online financial aid and financial planning resources

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