Technical Requirements

Hardware and Software Requirements:

Internet access with sufficient bandwidth and stable Internet connectivity.

Canvas requires significant bandwidth, and so a hard-wire connection is recommended.

Unless it is solid and stable, avoid WiFi or other wireless connections (G3, G4, etc.)

Valid email account

Java, Javascript, and Cookies must be enabled

Turn off Pop-up Blocker

You should do your work on a reliable desk-top computer or laptop with a hard-wired Internet connection. It is not recommended that you use your phone or tablet.

Recommended Internet browsers:

For PCs: Firefox, Google Chrome

For Macs: Chrome, Safari, Firefox

Keep in mind that browsers are constantly being updated by these companies,  so these recommendations for which browsers to use my change.

Basic skills:

In order to take a Distance Education course, you must be able to–

Use Email

Use a word processing program

Save and attach documents

Navigate and search the Internet

Install and download software applications

Note: You may be required to do more, depending upon the requirements of individual courses.

If you cannot identify your problem quickly, you may need to come to campus to do your work in order to keep up with your class.

Computers in campus labs are available to registered students