Technical Issues When Taking Tests and Exams

Blackboard requires significant bandwidth, and so:
– Use a hard wire connection.
– Unless solid and stable, avoid WiFi or other wireless connections (G3, G4, LG, etc.).
To avoid being kicked out of tests, and/or not being able to see “submit” button:
–  Wait and let the test load, entirely, before answering the first question.
–  Do not click the “Back” button.
–  Do not use “backspace.”
–  Do not go back to “Home” page.
–  Do not open a new window, second window, or click on an opened window.
–  Do not enlarge or reduce the screen.
–  Do not open a second browser.
–  Do not click the “Refresh” button.
–  Do not click multiple times in a window (this emulates a “submit” request).
–  Do not assume you can reenter:
–  Session may “time out,” connectivity lost, when lapse in activity.
–  Test may be “timed,” allowing for entry only once.

–  Do NOT attempt to use a cell phone application, Internet card, iPhone, mobile devices, etc.
–  Blackboard is data intensive, requiring significant bandwidth:
–  Use a reliable computer:
(laptops, iPhones, Ipads are very sensitive  – “Submit” is tripped easily)
–  Do not try to take tests at Starbucks, hotel lobbies, airports, etc.
  Do NOT use Internet Explorer browser.
–  PC’s:  Firefox and Google Chrome browsers are recommended.
–  MAC’s:  Safari and Firefox recommended.