How Do I Take Online Courses?

Thank you for your interest in Distance Education courses at Fullerton College. Distance Education offers a flexible and engaging alternative to traditional classroom instruction, while providing the same high quality.

Each semester a variety of courses are available in hybrid and online formats.  A significant number meet general educational requirements.  To view a listing of courses, go to the Fullerton College homepage, and click on the “Class Schedule” tab. The searchable class schedule is particularly useful in finding out which courses are offered online.

All Distance Education courses are listed in the regular Fullerton College catalog and class schedule. All distance education courses are clearly labeled in the catalog as being online, hybrid, or teleweb. You must be a registered student at Fullerton College to take Distance Education classes. If you are currently a student at Fullerton College, you can register for Distance Education classes in the same way that you register for all other courses at Fullerton College.

If you are not currently a registered student at Fullerton College, visit Admissions and Records to find out how to apply.

If you have specific questions about the curriculum of a particular course, contact the instructor directly. You can find the contact information for instructors in the class schedule.

If you have specific questions about if courses meet requirements for transfer, or if courses can be transferred into Fullerton College, these are questions for the counseling department.