Copying Canvas Courses

Copying and Importing Courses–click on the links below

Canvas Import Tool Video

Export your courses from Canvas to your desktop.

Import your Canvas courses from your desktop to your Fullerton College Canvas site. 

Copying Blackboard Courses–click on the links below

Easy version: Step-by-step instructions for exporting your Blackboard courses. 

Export your courses from Blackboard to your desktop.

Import your Blackboard courses from your desktop into Canvas.

Other links:

How do I import content from Bb Vista/CE, WebCT 6+ into Canvas?
How do I import content from Common Cartridge or Blackboard 6/7/8/9 into Canvas?

TIP: If you have a large course (more than 500 MB), think about using a separate space to store Powerpoints, photo galleries, instructional video, podcasts, etc. These separate spaces might be YouTube, Blendspace, Prezi or Emaze, Google Drive, publisher’s site, or other online program. Then you can embed links to these inside Canvas module pages.


Helpline: 24/7 provided by Canvas for instructors and students

Call: 844-600-4948

Faculty and students can also go to the Help icon on their Canvas dashboards to chat live or send a message.

Click here for the Canvas Help Center

One-on-one training by appointment:

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