Logo of Blackboard

Blackboard will only be available until May 30, 2018. After that time, the only LMS used at Fullerton College will be Canvas. Click here for more information.


Only students enrolled in a course that uses Blackboard can log in and access Blackboard.

It may take at least 24 hours after registration and all fees are paid before the Blackboard system allows you to access courses.

The Blackboard system will not allow access until instructors make courses available.

Access to most courses is not available until the first day that the class begins.

See the options for logging into Blackboard at the bottom of this page.

Weekly system maintenance:

FRIDAYS 6 am – 10 am

Blackboard may be unavailable at this time.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

You must have Internet access with sufficient bandwidth and stable Internet connectivity.

Blackboard requires significant bandwidth, and so a hard-wire connection is recommended.

Unless it is solid and stable, avoid WiFi or other wireless connections (G3, G4, etc.).

You must have a valid email account.

Java, Javascript, and Cookies must be enabled.

Turn off Pop-up Blocker.

Computers in campus labs are available to registered students.

Recommended Internet browsers:

For PCs: Firefox, Google Chrome

For Macs: Safari, Firefox

Keep in mind that browsers are constantly being updated by these companies,

so these recommendations for which browsers to use may change.

See this list of Internet browsers and operating systems that are compatible with Blackboard.

Basic skills:

In order to take a Distance Education course, you must be able to–

Use Email.

Use a word processing program.

Save and attach documents.

Navigate and search the Internet.

Install and download software applications.

You may be required to do more, depending upon the requirements of individual courses.

Finding more help: You can find video tutorials to teach you how to use Blackboard on YouTube. Just type in–How do I do ________ in Blackboard? And, you should see videos that will give you specific instructions. You can also find links to these videos under the “Help” tab that may show up in your Blackboard course menu.

Two options for logging in to Blackboard:

Option 1


user name: 8-digit Banner Student I.D. (e.g., @0000xxxx)
password: MyGateway/WebStar password
Click onStudent” Tab
Click onFullerton College Blackboard(the link in Blackboard channel)

Option 2


You can go directly to this address on the web, or you can click on the Blackboard icon on the Fullerton College homepage.

user name: @ xxxxxxxx (8-digit Banner student I.D. – “@” symbol must be included, e.g.,@0000xxxx).
– Do not use a Social Security Number.
– If “@” symbol is omitted, log in will fail, page may read “Not enrolled in any courses – Invalid Credentials.”

password: MyGateway/WebStar password (key in ONLY first six characters | it is  your six-digit birth date)

Note: The Blackboard log in page ( accepts a 6-character password, ONLY. If MyGateway/WebStar password has more than six, key in only first six (xxxxxx).