Blackboard Course Copying

Click here for a Video on how to copy a BlackBoard course from one course shell to another.

Click here for instructions on how to copy a Blackboard course from one course shell to another. 


Step-by-step instructions:

Exporting Blackboard courses–

  1. Control Panel
  2. Packages and Utilities
  3. Export/Archive Course
  4. Click on Export Package (don’t worry about the File Attachments category—just leave it alone.)
  5. Under Select Course Materials, choose “Select All.”
  6. Submit
  7. Get a “Success” notice
  8. Wait for awhile
  9. Click on the browser’s refresh button in order to see the link to the course in order to download it. Or, you may have waited long enough that it will just be there.
  10. Click on the link to download the course. It will end up either in the downloads folder on your computer or on your computer’s desktop. If it is in your downloads, drag it to your desktop for convenience.

*Sometimes the downloads folder is formatted alphabetically, rather than by date, so you may need to search for the export package, which will be a zipped folder.

*Do not take any files out of the zipped course folder. Just leave it alone.

Uploading course package into new course shell–

  1. Go into new course shell.
  2. Control Panel
  3. Packages and Utilities
  4. Import Package/ View Logs
  5. Click on Import Package
  6. Select a Package: use Browse my computer to find the zipped package file that you just put on your desktop. Click on it.
  7. Under Select Course Materials, choose “Select All.”
  8. Submit
  9. Get a “Success” message.
  10. Wait for a few minutes for all of the materials to be imported.

The Canvas 24/7 hotline will probably be willing to help you with this because, as a Fullerton College instructor, you are technically a Canvas customer, so try calling 844-600-4948. Just tell them that this is the last semester for Blackboard for us.